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Do Your Part

Save Puppies from being Slaughtered by Evil Nazis by supporting my brother.

He's awesome. Trust me on this one.

Saving puppies, saving the world. It's how he does.


Ya know what?

I'm fully aware that things are kinda shitty right now. Thanks. I haven't been reading the Wall Street Journal, the Boston Globe online, the New York Times, and the Vindy for like... months or anything. Not at all.


So if anyone else would like to tell me in a sheep-like fashion that this is the worst job market for journalists they've seen (in thirty years) (since 1976...) in a long-ass time, or that journalists themselves are part of every societal problem, I would like to invite you all at large to:

1) Push your collective hair (wool) out of your face (eyes, you stupid sheep) and see that if you paid the slightest bit of attention or demanded even the smallest bit of accountability while you were all doped to your retinas in the 1970's, coked out of your minds in the 80's, and busy denying it all ever happened in the 90's... maybe, just maybe we wouldn't be here. My generation is stuck cleaning up your mess. So if we use a power washer, or a toothbrush, or *gasp* a BLACK MAN in the Presidential office, you just shut the hell up, cause we're doing it OUR way.

And maybe our way will be to let all your 401K's go straight down the drain, all your retirement washed up, and leave your nursing homes understaffed. You. Deserve. It. Please don't act surprised that we don't care, or are simply looking out for ourselves. You're the ones who told us to please be quiet and let the grown ups talk. Give anyone enough rope and they'll hang themselves, I guess. Of course we're all jaded. We know everyone lies. Everyone.

2) Shut the hell up. In case you missed that.

Corporate America is like... EVoL!! *spooky fingers* .... Is that it? All ya got? They're out to MAKE A PROFIT AT THE EXPENSE OF THEIR CONSUMERS!??!?!?!?!?

Well, you could just knock me over with a feather, I do declare.

Oh, wait. I totally knew that one already. Sweet. Check. Good, thanks, thanks for the updated info, I was a afraid for a minute that CA had gone completely off it's capitalistic rocker, and started air conditioning ice caps and snuggling endangered black rhino's.

Good to know the status quo is still... quo-ee

Jesus. Let it go before I just go to work for DCI. Don't know who they are? They are the ultra-well paid former journalists, analysists, PR folks and other forms of "low-brow but incredibly brilliant primordial ooze" who basically, through lots of channels, convince stupid Americans that
  1. Global warming isn't happening
  2. Smoking isn't bad (yeah, I know I do it once in a while, but I still know it's bad) and of course...
  3. War isn't all that bad either.
I say if you're dumb enough to buy that shit anyway, they deserve their paycheck, and we deserve what's coming to us.

Put on your big girl panties and deal with it.

... Also on a personal note my housemate chews with his mouth open, and... really, that's frankly gross.

madison county.. going nowhere fast,

Sorry, Alyssa. I called the board, the mayor and 12 businesses. All I got was the cold shoulder, to not bother people hard at work, and not to call back again. Madison County is going nowhere.



Of 30, 284 eligible voters in Madison County, 11, 932 are registered voters.


Dem- 1963


Ind- 17203


81% crop land


Largest city, county seat, London, 8771

91.5% white community

No GED 21%


Major employers Battelle Memorial Institute R&D

Kikuchi metal, steel mill

London City BOE

Mad County Hospital




investigative stuff.

Investigative stuff:

Story: Women's resource center:
who, what, where, why, how..?Collapse )

Sep. 26th, 2008

Holy Christ-chex, Iron Man... Did you see that debate???

Awesomeness abounded. I really thought Obama was appealing to a younger generation by very rarely referring to Sen. McCain as such. "Hey John." Nice, dude. Nice.

But I thought it was rude, cold, and uselessly formal for McCain to refuse to address Obama 1) directly to his face EVER and 2) as anything but Sen. Obama.  Boring, old dude. Boring.

The format was given so that the candidates could, and in fact on MULTIPLE occasions were encouraged to ADDRESS each other. McCain wouldn't even look at Obama. Anyway. I haven't really processed the whole thing yet, except to say that McCain certainly has a lot of experience, and some of it's excellent, and some of it's bad, and Obama... I feel like he doesn't have enough experience to know that he can't do much, so he's inspired to dream big, and maybe that way also become successful.

The interruptions from either side totally talking over each other AND the moderator made me absolutely giddy. And I didn't have to play a stupid drinking game to make it all right to listen to either. (Remember doing a shot each time Bush mis-pronounced a word, or paused in the middle of a sentence for more than 7 seconds?)

This is what I was hoping for.

Also, I wish they had a little cattle prod for either them. "BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZT Bad candidate!! You wandered too far off-topic. Answer the fucking question or say 'pass'."

... Not looking forward to the VP debates. Palin's a moron and Biden is boring.

I'm so stoked for next Thursday, and most def not cause of Adv News. Yeah, St. Louis!!!

Fayette County


Washington Court House, the county seat of Fayette County, Ohio, was alive Saturday with a street fair that shut down almost six blocks of road. Shop doors were open, a Ferris wheel turned, and children ran to show their parents their hard-won prizes of goldfish and stuffed animals.

It’s a small-town slice of the American dream, a rural county in a battleground in America that is often neglected. Ohio is important during elections, its 20 electoral votes nothing to sneeze at, which neither candidate for the Presidential office is doing. McCain, Obama, and their various entourages have been seen around Ohio with regularity.

But have they seen Ohio?

While the vast majority of registered voters in Fayette are non-partisan- 11,390 to the total registered of 15, 588- they are the smallest percentage of actual voters, in the last election comprising less than 1.5 percent of the final tally.

After the non-active non-partisans, registered Republicans out weigh the registered Democrats almost 3-to-1. But during the primaries, the turn-out on either side was incredibly close. The difference only favored Republican voters by 356 votes, according to the Fayette County Board of Elections.

With a population of about 28,000, 7.7 percent of that lives below the national poverty level. With economic worries on the rise, more and more people are wary of falling into that statistic themselves.

“I‘ve never been very political, but this election is making me mad, okay?… People saying Obama is Muslim… You can tell me he’s not qualified to lead, or he’s too young, but don’t make things up! This is a very republican area.” said Kendra Hernandez, a shop owner in Washington Court House, for about six years. “The economy sucks! I‘ve never seen the numbers that the previous owners had seen. No one does anymore… I should have been paying attention [to politics] back when I was in college, but I didn‘t. That‘s why I registered independent.”

“For the primaries,” Hernandez continued, “I registered Democrat so I could vote for Obama. I feel like he‘s running a cleaner campaign.”

When the questions were over, she half-joking made sure it wouldn’t be published in her local paper. “Don‘t let any Republicans come bomb me,” she laughed. Then sobered.

“I think there are two Americas,” said retired teacher Marie Fetters, a registered Democrat. “I‘m watching the middle class get squeezed out and the rich people getting richer…” Fetters cites a few reasons why she thinks Ohio is so divided politically.

“You have a lot of wealthy farmers… you can‘t tell they‘re rich, except that they have a lot of land, and a nice truck, they just live comfortably, you know? But they‘re very conservative. And… Look around. If you see our statistics, we have a high rate of people not graduating high school, a lot of churches, and not enough population to support all the churches.”

Fetters is correct. According to the Ohio Department of Development, 21.3 percent of people in Fayette county never graduate high school or get the G.E.D equivalent, while less than 8 percent of the rest of the county gets even a bachelor’s degree.

Other people in Washington Court House weren’t as forthcoming with their ideas on issues affecting them. “It‘s a personal thing. Not for the newspapers to discuss,” an antique shop owner replied, wishing to remain nameless.

A fireman simply shrugged. “I‘m not a political guy. They don‘t matter or affect me.”

It’s a view that’s expressed often enough on the street fair thoroughfare, but the decisions made in a voting booth in this county, with over 84 percent devoted to cropland, can most certainly spread past their pastures to the Atlantic and the Pacific.

Sources (at least some of them)


I hate it when John is right.

That being said, my last post was ridiculously boring and uninformative. I, like everyone, am taking Advanced News because we have to, to get that ugly little hat with rear-view mirror ornament. And I am so, so close to that stringy trophy. I finally decided on a Women's Studies minor, instead of psychology, or political science, or french, or... Well, you get the point.

I've never been politically minded. I like looking at the issues, throwing them around, seeing who says what about their solutions, but at the end of the day, I just fear that there isn't really anyone left to make a difference on that kind of stage. Despite my trepidation about going forth and conquering, I am also excited. I really like doing research, and I think being naturally nosy curious about things is a big reason I got into journalism.

I love that if you ask the right question, it opens doors to other memories, other stories, other experiences. I can't experience everything, so I want to hear from people who have.


That and I may have thought that April O'Neil was the coolest girl ever with her Ninja Turtle friends and huge yellow jumpsuit.

Posting news and research will be a change of pace for me on this blog. I haven't used it for work before, but mostly just to keep in touch with family and friends who have moved away. I'm sure this will be a neat way to communicate with classmates, though! A little more personal than just speaking in class and it gives you some time to get your thoughts together.


My introduction to Advanced News Reporting

I really do want to hone my interview skills, and get a few more good clips under my belt before graduation. Almost everyone knows that straight news reporting is not my forte.

I truly do believe that every single story, every budget meeting, every fire, murder, and company closing comes back to people. I like that our assignment this semester is going to show us a wide scope and let us bring it back down to the people it revolves around.

I really hope to round this all up in the next semester and really take any skill I've managed to acquire and bring it back to the world in magazine form. 


Thoughts for the day.

It's not as if you walk behind a tree one day
after careful consideration,
change your skin.
and leave it in a pile like pajamas on the bedroom floor
to change into something new and crisp.


We grow, so slowly we can't feel it
our own skin has morphed with us, into
something comfortably alien and we look back
confusedly searching
for thunder and summer and unfettered joy

only to realize
too late
that our new skin
has no dominion there.